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What is FixU Drink

More joy into your life

A pounding headache and feeling tired? Aching muscles that are drained of all strength? An unpleasant feeling that you know is only the beginning? Sounds familiar?

FixU is a functional drink that comes as a shot (60 ml) to help you feel better.

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Whom is FixU for?

FixU has been designed to improve the morning after of anyone who drinks alcohol. The most important thing for us is the same as for you: to have fun tomorrow as well. If you:

  • like to relax sometimes and break away from everyday worries
  • are active and want to look after your health
  • need a little encouragement when spending an evening with your organisation, workplace, or group of friends

then FixU might be just the thing you have been looking for. 

FixU is a dietary supplement that seeks to speed up the body’s recovery and thereby improve overall well-being. The various ingredients in the supplement are said to cure liver diseases, and it contains vitamins B and C that are good for the nervous system, blood circulation, the cells, bones, and the maintenance of overall health. 

Our customer pledge

We promise to help our customers have a fresh, comfortable, and happy morning after, when you can enjoy the good memories of the previous night in high spirits. This means that it has really sparked joy! FixU is a widely studied, high-quality functional drink with a nice taste.

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